The story of us.

We met in the darkness. Do you remember? My frail body like a piece of fine china in your big, broken arms. For a while it was too dark to find our way out. We stayed immersed in the veil of darkness but eventually the light found us. We had yet to realise it. We were too busy living, something that was novel to us again. By the time we had become aware of the blinding sunshine our paths were thoroughly intertwined. Not by fate anymore but by choice. We made the unconscious decision to tackle it all together. To grow together, to leave hibernation together, to dance together. We knew we were going to be together before we had even made the decision. We were wild. Our souls were untamed. We were complicated puzzles with missing pieces but each day, we found replacement pieces. It was us against the world, mainly because we had written it that way. We were the only characters in our play. The songs were written just for us. We danced carelessly but passionately. After a while I realised I couldn’t see anyone else. Each scene was tightly scripted but with only two characters. We were these horribly flawed but beautifully open caricatures. Everyone else were merely extras in the story of us. The grey that we lived in before had disappeared and now everything was tainted with a warm hue of every colour.

You see, in the beginning the darkness brought us together but it didn’t keep us together. So many other things kept us together. Our mutual love ridiculously scandalous behaviour and our hatred of most other things kept us together. Our dark sense of humour kept us together. The spark of creativity between us kept us together. Stolen, coy glances on cold, drunken nights kept us together. Raw passion kept us together. My ability to stay two steps ahead of you kept us together. Your brutal honesty and my inability to be tactful kept us together.

And now, love keeps us together.



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